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Plant-based food for dogs? It’s complete, balanced and totally yummy!

Sien Vanmoerkerke (Content creator)

Nature knows best. That's why we’ve always packed our recipes with as many real, natural ingredients as possible. We believe in the superpowers of fresh veg and healthy fruit. So in our quest to give you and your dog more to choose from, we've created our first plant-based recipes: Crispy Carrot & Courgette and Crunchy Beetroot & Pumpkin!

FACT: meat is not required to make a recipe balanced and complete

Our plant-based kibbles aren't just delicious, they contain everything your dog needs to thrive. Our plant-based recipes use a clever combination of veg and rice to make sure every recipe is packed with protein, so your dog always gets exactly what they need to stay strong and healthy.

To put it briefly: our plant-based recipes offer the same complete nutrition as our meat-based kibbles. And here's the cherry on top: because plants have a lower environmental impact, this food is a great choice for the planet too!

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Dogs are omnivores

It’s true that dogs descended from wolves, which are carnivores. But because dogs have been our loyal companions for so long - like millennia - and thus no longer live in the wild they have evolved into omnivores. Which means they can live a happy & healthy life with both plant-based or meat-based food.¹²³

If left to their own devices, dogs would happily eat a range of different foods. Before packaged dog food we fed our dogs whatever we were eating — so their tastes began to resemble our own.³

Our love of variety in our own diets has rubbed off on our dogs, as they would eagerly await for all sorts of scraps to fall from our plates. It’s good to introduce more choice into your dog’s diet because they evolved eating a variety of foods. Curious how to introduce plant-based into your dog’s diet? Head over to our vet’s tips.

Complete nutrition from plants

Like humans, dogs feel their best when they get all the nutrients they need, especially when those nutrients come from quality ingredients like the ones in our recipes.

Dogs can get all the nutrients they need from plants. It’s our job to bring out the best in our ingredients. We choose freshly-picked veggies and lock in all the goodness by keeping processing to a minimum. Our plant-based recipes are full of flavour, combining at least 7 vegetables with 3 different fruits.

Meat is not required to make a recipe balanced and complete. Plants contain all the nutrients your dog needs to stay happy and healthy — today, and in the future. It’s our job (as the dog food experts) to bring out the best in plants to deliver all the nutrients your dog needs.

An easy choice for the planet

Sustainability has always been part of who we are at Edgard & Cooper, and our plan is to reduce the impact of our recipes without compromising on taste and quality. Compared to meat, our plant-based recipes create 43% less CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) emissions.

We still love our meat-based recipes, but we are introducing some plant-based ones to give you more sustainable choices. Our own dog’s health and happiness always come first, but we must also take care of our planet and all the pets living on it.

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Just like our meat-based options — our plant-based recipes are the perfect choice for every dog, everyday. It’s that simple.

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