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We're a nature-loving lot and we want to become the world's most sustainable pet food brand. We're proud of our easy-to-recycle packaging that's less burdensome for the planet. We know we're not perfect (yet) but it's a paw in the right direction.


In addition to our more sustainable¹ packaging, we're stepping up to do more for the planet. Meet our Zero Pawprint Plan, our strategy that is better for our planet by 2025.

Discover our zero pawprint plan¹More sustainable compared to the industry standard.

Our bags are made with paper

Standing up for nature

Our paper based bags are less burdensome for the planet as they're easy to recycle. Just recycle with other paper products.


Nature’s renewables

Our paper based bags use renewable materials like paper and bioplastic. When responsibly sourced, renewable resources can replenish allowing us to make bags over and over again.


Our tins and cups are made from metal

One of the most recycled materials in Europe

Compared to other materials, recycling metal is easy. For example, 75% of all aluminium used since 1888 is still in use today. That’s because it doesn’t degrade after each use, and because you’re so good at putting it in the right bin.


Metal locks in nutrients for longer

We love our tins and cups because they keep food fresh for AGES. Thanks to metal’s natural preservative properties, our food stays full of nutritional goodness for 24 months - which also helps reduce food waste.


Discover how our tins are made from start to finish

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Which bin?

Here’s a guide to show you exactly what to do with our empty packaging.

As it's easy to recycle our packaging, please don't put your bags in the general waste as they'll end up in landfill. We want to give our bags the best chance at a second life (by being recycled!)
At the moment, green waste bins are not yet designed to process compostable packaging in practice.
Our bags are easy to recycle with your paper recycling. By popping them in your paper recycling bin you'll be giving them the best chance at a second life (by being recycled!)
Home composting is a slow and seasonal process, and we’d hate to mess up your system. One day, maybe.

What's next?

We’re really proud of our packaging but we know there’s more we can do. Over the next year, we’ll find new ways to improve our impact through our Zero Pawprint Plan.

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