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Meet our NEW all-paper packaging

Jess Millner (Senior Brand Build Manager)

Packaging. It’s on everybody’s lips right now. We all know the negative impact that packaging can leave on this planet. But at the same time, most things we buy need to be wrapped in it to keep the product inside safe, stable and in good condition. So, like all things in life, it’s all about balance. Packaging that does the job but that is also the right choice for the planet. If you get it wrong, it can be a real pain…soggy paper straws, ring any bells? So, as you see, it’s a tricky one. A head-scratcher, you may even say….

We’re a nature loving lot and we are resolute in our desire to be the most sustainable pet food brand in the world. Our current cat & dog dry kibble packs are made from an outer layer of responsibly sourced paper and an inner layer of potato-based bioplastic. So far, we’ve saved nearly 7.5million petroleum-based plastic bags from being in circulation. That’s a number we all can be really proud of – virtual high five!

No time for a nap though. We are constantly sniffing out ways to improve and to be better. Reviewing our products and our process to make sure we reach our goals outlined as part of our Zero Pawprint Plan. Because like you, we are on a journey – and boy is the learning curve steep!

Not read our Zero Pawprint Plan? Read about our aims to achieve Zero Carbon, Fully Sustainable Packaging and 100% Ethical Sourcing by 2025 by clicking here.

So, it’s with great excitement that we bring you our latest announcement. Start wagging your tails please…. 

We are launching a new ALL-PAPER packaging, starting out across selected dog dry kibble recipes! Yes, you heard us right. Made using FSC paper and water-based inks, go ahead and take a load off your mind by disposing it with your paper recycling waste! Simple as that. And it’s still guaranteed to keep the delicious food inside in tip-top quality. Good news, right? It means that less is going to landfill, and your furry friend’s kibble bag is more likely to be recycled and used to make something else. Just think what it could be – a Christmas cracker crown? A notepad? Used as a love letter? Who knows! Anyway, this new packaging will be rolled out across our future launches from now on, starting with our 1kg bags which are hitting shelves as we speak! So, keep your eyes peeled for them 😊

We are all on this journey together, as we find ways to make choices which are less harmful to the planet. We really couldn’t have achieved what we have so far without you, and so are really proud to be continuously improving thanks to you and your pets.

We promise to keep you updated on our journey towards achieving our Zero Pawprint Plan. Watch this space…

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