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How to introduce plant-based recipes into your dog’s diet

Bo Vanbeselaere (Veterinarian)

Dogs LOVE variety, so why not try something new? Our yummy plant-based recipes give dogs everything they need to thrive, they are complete and balanced, and great for the planet too! Plus, it’s super easy to introduce them in your dog’s diet. You can combine them with your dog’s favourite meaty recipes or go fully veg. It’s totally up to you - do veg your way!

Mixing meat & plant-based

The great thing about our new plant-based recipes - besides being totally yummy & good for the planet - is that you can just simply combine them with your dog’s favourite Edgard & Cooper recipe. It’s totally fine to switch back and forth between our kibbles: meat- or fish-based and plant-based. Just like many of us, humans, go for a veggie meal from time to time.

We’re confident that your dog will love our exciting plant-based recipes but — as with most new things in life — it can be good to start slowly. You can begin by swapping one meat-based or fish-based dinner for one of our delicious veggie recipes every week. From there you can continue to add more as your dog develops a taste for veg.

How many plant-based meals you give your dog a week is totally up to you. You can’t go wrong.

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Going fully veg

Have you decided to go 100% plant-based? High paw! We recommend a 4 day transition period: gradually increase the amount of our plant-based food in your pet's bowl, while gradually decreasing the amount of your pet's current food. It's as simple as that! Feel free to mix it up between our Crispy Carrot & Courgette and Crunchy Beetroot & Pumpkin.

As always, it’s great to discuss with your vet before making major dietary changes.

The positive impact of plant-based

We think it’s absolutely pawsome if you want to try plant-based. Not only will your dog appreciate having some variety in their diet. You’re also doing our planet a big favour! Our plant-based food creates 43% fewer CO2e emissions than our meat-based recipes. That’s a whole lot! Even one plant-based meal a week already makes a big difference.

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