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Behind the wag: Whipping up our new dog treats range

Flore Vandeweghe

Fantastic news: We launched our new dog treats range a few weeks ago. Our mission was to make treats for every tail wag. Why did we renew our old ones? And how were these treats created? We asked our dog portfolio manager, Sofie, to break it down for you.

Why new treats?

The process started about two years ago. The market for dog treats was thriving. We realised our treats needed an upgrade to match market trends and consumer needs. So, we wasted no time and got started.

When creating new products, our focus is always on the consumer. What do they need? Which products are pet parents and their pets longing for? That’s why we took a look inside of our customers' heads. How? Surveys, interviews and even more interviews.

A treat for any occasion?

It became clear to us that treats were needed for different occasions. There are so many dog treats to choose from, so finding the right ones for your dog can be challenging. That's why we've made it easy to navigate the dog treats chaos by making treats for every occasion: biscuits for rewards, bites to learn, strips for snuggles and bars for adventures.

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Are these treat right for your dog?

We considered many consumer needs for our new treats. We wanted to make them inclusive so every dog can enjoy them.

That’s why we looked at the size of our bites, for example. We have normal-size and bigger-size ones for our larger furry friends. The strips and bars are softer, so you can break them easily. The biscuits have a groove, so you can break them into pieces for the little dogs too.

We also have hypoallergenic treats, plant-based treats and puppy-specific bites. Guaranteed tail-wags for every furry friend. Head to our product pages to find out our new treats' ingredient lists and specific (feeding)guidelines.

What was our game plan?

When we had a good idea of which treats we wanted to develop, we checked with our suppliers about what was possible. They helped us make our dreams come true. 🙌

Not only did we want the product to be perfect, but also the packaging. Our designers spent weeks getting it right. Not only did we redesign the packs to stand out even more in stores, but Edgard's and Cooper’s illustrations also got a whole new makeover. Did you recognise them?

After the development of the treats and the packaging, we could get started with the testing. We set up many taste tests for the dogs and interviewed their owners to see if the product would convince them too.

After the positive results of our tests, it was GO TIME. Our products went into production, and we could continue our marketing plan. And two years later, we can finally introduce the yummiest treats for your furry friends.

What about our unique flavours?

We have a lot of pawlicking flavours, which is a result of dedication, time and effort. First, we tested which flavours dogs like individually, such as duck, lamb, and chicken. Then, we looked at what ingredients are good for them, such as apple and blueberry. When we figured that out, we started combining the flavours and the ingredients.

Both our colleagues’ dogs and other dogs tasted these flavours. We compared their reactions to our new treats with the old ones and also with the competitors' treats. Only when the dogs were satisfied, we were satisfied. 😃

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Were there any challenges?

Going to better standards brings its challenges. We ran into some along the way. For example, printing vibrant images on paper-based packaging is difficult. Despite these hurdles, our commitment to sustainability led us to maintain our eco-friendly packaging, but change the way we print the images.

The trickiest part of the process might have been getting the products 100% right. We wanted our treats to have the perfect texture and mouthwateringly tasty flavours without compromising on being fresh and healthy. But our team chooses right, not easy. So we kept working on creating the best treats possible for your dog.

Our team worked hard on our new dog treats. We are extremely happy with the result. The treats are now available on our website and in stores. But be warned... Your dog’s tail won’t stop wagging. 😉

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