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Feline Fun in the Sun: 4 Cool Cat Hacks to Stay Safe and Hydrated

Bethany Charlton

Who doesn't adore sunbathing? It's a fact: cats soak up the rays. But with summer nearing, let's make sure our furry friends stay chill and comfortable. High temperatures can be troublesome for their health; signs to look out for are panting and glazed eyes. As a defender of paws and fur, we've got some cool tips to keep your cat refreshed, hydrated, and safe during the hottest season of the year.

Encourage hydration

Unlike their canine counterparts, cats aren't big fans of drinking water. This can become a problem on warmer days, so having multiple water sources around the house will encourage hydration. Want a cool trick to keep your feline refreshed and cool? Freeze their wet food, like paté, and mix it with water to form a popsicle. It not only quenches their thirst and cools them down but also provides entertainment for your feline friend. Check out the easy recipe below.

Popsicle Recipe: Add 7 tablespoons of water to your paté in a bowl and mix to dilute slightly. Fill a silicone ice tray with the mixture and place it in the freezer overnight. Once frozen, remove the ice cubes and let your feline stay cool and entertained.

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Groom daily

During summer heat waves, daily grooming is crucial for your kitty. The heat can stay trapped in excess fur, leaving them uncomfortable and hot. Grooming daily will mean a maintained sleek coat, keeping your cat happy and comfortable. Don’t be surprised if you notice they groom themselves more often too. Cat saliva has a cooling effect, helping them stay refreshed whilst attractive simultaneously.

Place wet towels or cooling mats

Cats notoriously loathe getting wet, so having a splash in the local pool is out of the question. Instead, leaving wet towels in their beloved sleeping spots is an excellent alternative to keeping them cool. Just switch the towels regularly, as they will become warm. Alternatively, you can invest in cat cooling mats designed to stay cooler longer. This simple yet considerate gesture provides them with a refreshing surface to lounge on.

Check outhouses

Cats are naturally curious creatures and love to explore new territory, particularly outhouses like sheds and greenhouses. However, in the summer months, these areas get significantly hot. Take caution when closing up these spaces, and check on your feline friends who may have snuck in for a nap or to escape the heat.

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