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junk free foodthat’s full of flavour

We believe all pets deserve the best. That's why when it comes to feeding them, only junk free, real food will do.

Real foodfor cats

Our new cat range is on the prowl. With no junk, no sugar, no grains and only the yummiest, freshest cuts of meat it's real food with catitude. Sniff, lick, paw, passes the test.

Naturally nutritious, deliciously simple

Eating is one of life’s simple joys, but so many pet foods overcomplicate their products. We do things differently. By treating nature’s ingredients with respect, we make food that’s naturally healthy, full of flavour and perfect for every pet.

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The fresh revolution

To make our kibble, we use as much fresh meat as possible – that means nothing has been overprocessed or dried. And absolutely no meat or fish meal.


  • Utterly irresistible fresh meat
  • Natural, healthy nutrients and antioxidants
  • Naturally easy to digest


  • Ground-up meat, bone and offal
  • Often made with a mix of unclear ingredients (meat but also bones, skin, hooves...)
  • Lower protein quality1 2 3
  • Much harder to digest
  • Lower essential fatty acid content1

Why fresh?

Fussy eaters LOVE fresh meat

The smell and taste of fresh meat is utterly irresistible, so there’ll be no leftovers.

Good food = good looks

Our recipes are full of nutritious goodies, including natural nutrients and antioxidants for all-round good health.

Easy on the tummy

Fresh meat is a pet’s natural food, which means they find it easy to digest.

The winning veg

We have always believed in the superpowers of healthy fruit and fresh veg. So in our quest to bring you and your dog even more choice, we’ve created our first ever plant-based recipes.

In our opinion they are so veggie good, they contain everything your dog needs to thrive and be at their veggie best every single day!

We play nice with nature

In addition to our more sustainable¹ packaging, we're stepping up to do more for the planet. Meet our Zero Pawprint Plan, our strategy that is better for our planet by 2025.


plastic bags saved by our more sustainable¹ packaging

¹More sustainable compared to the industry standard.²Figures calculated from our daily sales.

Friends stick together

Today, around the world, too many dogs and cats live difficult, lonely and unnecessarily short lives. Through the Edgard & Cooper Foundation we pledge 1% of our sales to help stop that happening.


pledged so far to the Foundation projects

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Naturally, tasty food that’s packed with lots of fresh meat or fish, plus nutritious offal and healthy extras like fruit and veg. It’s that simple.

  • Daily nutrition

    Crunchy kibble & juicy wet food that’s good for every dog

  • Healthy extras

    Grain-free bites, bars & jerky treats packed with protein

  • Wellbeing

    Delicious Doggy Dental sticks for daily dental care

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