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Meowy Christmas: How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Safe from Your Curious Cat

Amy Thompson
Cat walking in decorated Christmas tree.

Ah, the holidays - that magical time of year when twinkle lights make our homes sparkle, and the scent of fresh pine fills the air. But hey, what's that? A mischievous cat eyeing your beautifully decorated Christmas tree, ready to turn it into their personal playground? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We'll share tips and tricks to cat-proof your Christmas tree so your feline friend can still enjoy the festive season.

Location, Location, Location:

First, consider where you want to put your Christmas tree. Choose a spot that is tricky for your feline friend to reach. Put it in a corner against the wall or a room with a door you can close while away. Remember, preventing a toppled tree is easier than dealing with the aftermath.

Wait to decorate for a few days

Before you go all-out with the decorations, let your Christmas tree stand for a couple of days. That way, your cat can investigate, sniff and climb. You can then hang up your ornaments once the novelty has worn off for most cats. To secure the tree, consider using eye hooks and fishing lines to attach the tree to the wall and ceiling. Make sure to keep any extra line out of reach so your feline friend doesn't see it as a new toy.

Choose cat-friendly decorations:

When it comes to ornaments, be mindful of what you hang on your tree. Avoid fragile, breakable decorations that could break if knocked down. Instead, use sturdy ornaments made from wood, fabric, or pet-safe plastics. Your cat will love to bat at them without causing any accidents.

Say No to Tinsel:

As beautiful as tinsels look, they can be extremely dangerous if your cat munches on them. The shiny, stringy strands can cause serious digestive issues if swallowed. Replace it with alternative decorations like colourful ribbons or fabric garlands that are much safer for your mischievous friend.

Distract and Deflect:

Keep your cat's attention away from the tree by providing alternative play options. Interactive toys, scratchers, or puzzle feeders can keep them mentally stimulated and less likely to see the tree as their personal playground. Plus, it's a win-win situation as it keeps them entertained and away from potential trouble. And it never hurts to pay attention to cat body language to find out if they may be in the mood to play and pounce.

Cat being cuddled by family in living room area.

Try aluminum foil

Covering the base and the floor around the tree with aluminium foil is another simple way to cat-proof a Christmas tree. Cats don't like the feeling of foil, so it helps to make the trees less interesting. Once they’ve found exciting new things to explore, you can get rid of the foil.

Lure Them Away:

If none of the above tricks work and your cat insists on conquering the tree, give this a shot: Set up a comfy spot nearby. Put a cat bed or a cosy blanket with some of their favourite toys close to the tree. This can help shift their focus and give them a little space of their own right next to the festive fun.


With some planning and cat-friendly tweaks, you can enjoy a chill holiday season with your curious feline friend. By creating a safe and inviting environment, you can make sure that your Christmas tree and cat remain in harmony. So, dive into the holiday spirit, deck those halls, and let the festivities begin. We wish you and your feline friends a joyful and safe Christmas.

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