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A fun gift guide for your four-legged friends

Amy Thompson
Family in festive christmas clothing with the pet dog around the christmas tree.

Tis' the season for giving and celebrating all that is around us, and that includes our furry friends too. We have created a fun gift guide for cats and dogs so you can make sure no one gets left out this Christmas Day. We are sure they will love everything we have included, and we can guarantee you'll get tail wags and purrs in return.

A festive feast

Everyone deserves a special meal at Christmas, so why should our pets be any different? We recommend our Chunks in Sauce giftpack for your feline friend and our Turkey Paté to get your pup's tail wagging. Both are made with real, fresh meat and vegetables, so no whiff of meat meal or artificial colours or flavours.

Chunks in Sauce Giftpack for Cats

A selection of our tastiest chunks recipes in slurpy sauce. Grain free, no added sugar or nasties. Two of each yummy flavour, making it the ultimate festive feline gift.


Turkey Feast for Dogs

Delight furry pals with our limited-edition festive turkey feast. A juicy, droolworthy paté full of fresh turkey and real holiday spirit.


Calming LickiMat solutions

Is your furry friend anxious or a fast eater?

LickiMat have created a wide range of solutions to help calm your anxious cat or dog or slow them down when eating to avoid digestive issues. They also make an excellent enrichment activity so you can have 5 minutes of peace and quiet. Win-win for everyone.

Huskaloo Cat Litter

Cat litter may sound like a strange gift choice, but stay with us...

Huskaloo are making a break in the market to find an eco-friendly cat litter alternative. Currently, 2.5 million tonnes of clay cat litter go to landfills each year in the UK. Huskaloo produce zero landfill as its cat litter is made from Coconut Husk, which is 100% compostable.

It is lighter, smaller, softer, cheaper, and more sustainable than other options on the market. This means it takes up less space in your home and saves you some money. We call this your cat's gift to you.

Sustainable dog shampoo

This time of year, dogs get a little messier while out and about. Whether your dog is a puddle lover or not, you probably have to bathe them more than usual, so now may be a great time to try a new soap.

We recommend Faith in Nature dog shampoo in refillable bottles or zero-waste shampoo bars. Both are specially formulated with vitamin E for a healthy, shiny coat and are pH-balanced to be gentle on your dog’s skin.

Faith in Nature are a fellow B-Corp, which means you can have your pup smelling delightful while helping the planet at the same time. Their products are made sustainably, and they plant a tree with every order.

We'd love to hear about gifts you have bought your four-legged friends this Christmas. Share them with us using #RealHolidaySpirit.

P.S. We hope you've enjoyed our little gifting guide. This was put together by team members Amy and Chloe, who have 5 dogs between them. We are not affiliated or otherwise connected with any of the brands, but simply enjoyed their products and thought some of your pets might too!

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