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Our New Charity Partners - Mayhew, Georgia and People For Animals, India

Barbara (Positive Pawprint Manager)

The Edgard & Cooper Foundation are donating €199,015 to Mayhew International and €60,000 to People For Animals, India. We’re super proud to announce 2 new projects that The Edgard & Cooper Foundation are supporting in their quest to end animal suffering around the world.

We donate 1% of every purchase to the Edgard & Cooper Foundation, so it was only right that we asked our community of loyal customers for their thoughts. Thousands of people voted to help us decide which new projects to support. Without a doubt, all the options deserve our funding, but we followed our pack’s wishes. And now we’re all set to support these 2 amazing charities:

Mayhew in Georgia – a fantastic project to help more dogs and cats in local communities with improved facilities and veterinary training.

People For Animals in India - to modernise a full clinic, pathology lab, and dog and cat houses, for more effective care and recovery.

More about Mayhew, Georgia

Tbilisi has developed a lot over recent years and is now a thriving city. People in rural areas of Georgia have migrated away from the towns and villages, and these areas have become impoverished. Many have limited access to resources, including veterinary care. Outside of the capital, the situation is desperate. There are significant numbers of roaming dogs and little understanding amongst the locals about spaying and neutering, or basic care. Skin conditions and ticks, and common canine diseases such as parvo and distemper are rife. As well as CTVT (canine transmissible venereal tumours) and rabies.

This is our second commitment to Mayhew International – this time helping more dogs, cats, and communities in Georgia. Our donation will pay for the training of 22 vets in dog and cat care, the construction and equipment for a static clinic - serving as the training base; and all equipment for a pop-up clinic. We’ll be helping 2,500 dogs and 250 cats in the first year alone. In 2023, thanks to the experience of 2022, we will be able to help an extra 3,125 dogs and 310 cats. We’ll manage populations of free-roaming dogs in the targeted regions and these animals will have improved health and welfare. This will convince more locals that an humane, preventative approach to overpopulation is the way forward.

More about People For Animals, India

It’s estimated that over 35million stray dogs, and at least 35million stray cats suffer from poor living conditions and they’re extremely vulnerable to many diseases, including rabies. Without the help of local organisations, a ‘capture and kill’ approach is common, even though it’s been prohibited since 1994. Our donation will help PFA to modernise the full clinic and shelter, so that animals can be helped efficiently and effectively, with quicker recovery times. Our money will pay for a new cat and dog house; the update and renovation of the old clinic and pathology lab; and a living area for an in-house vet, so that they can monitor patients 24/7.

On a monthly basis, over 100 dogs and cats will be temporary residents in one of the houses. And around 3,600 surgeries will be performed in the new clinic each year. Altogether, our pledges will improve the lives of more than 2,100 cats and 4,350 dogs from year 1.

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