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Partners in Animal Welfare: People for Animals and the Edgard & Cooper Foundation

Bethany Charlton

In the heart of India, we came together with People for Animals to create positive change for our furry friends. Through funding from our 1% of sales, People for Animals has been able to make a significant impact on animal welfare. From April 2022 to May 2023, our collaborative efforts have led to great outcomes that have improved the lives of countless cats and dogs. Let's explore the wonderful initiatives undertaken by People for Animals and the difference they have made with the support of our Foundation.

Enhancing lives through 424 well-equipped surgeries

With new equipment, People for Animals has been able to perform life-saving surgeries on cats and dogs. Over the course of a year, they successfully conducted 179 lifesaving and 245 elective surgeries, providing a second chance at life for these beloved companions. These skilled veterinarians have become guardian angels, ensuring that animals receive the care they need and deserve.

Expanding facilities for the better care of 1182 animals

People for Animals expanded their facilities, providing improved care to even more cats and dogs. The revamped clinic has created dedicated spaces for in-house patients and community animals. These improvements have enhanced the well-being of 1182 cats and dogs and created an environment where they can thrive and heal. The addition of a new roof has also meant that care can continue through the monsoon season.

Larger outreach to animals in need

This partnership has enabled them to extend their reach and help a larger number of animals. Establishing a separate treatment area for outpatient services has proven crucial in serving more animals in need. The additional funding generated from these services has further fuelled their mission, allowing them to provide better diagnostics, treatments, and improved nutrition for street animals.

We’re incredibly proud to have been a part of this revamp project, which has helped a vast amount of cats and dogs live better and safer lives. We also want to thank People for Animals for their continued dedication and support to putting pets health first.

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