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Mayhew Georgia & HSI – We’ve improved the lives of close to 18.000 cats and dogs <3

Barbara (Positive Pawprint Manager)

At Edgard & Cooper, we’ve always believed it is both a duty and an honour to give something back. Since our start in 2016, we committed to give 1% of sales to charity. Every time you buy from us, you’re helping the Edgard & Cooper Foundation donate to incredible charity partners – from Mayhew in Afghanistan to HSI in Chile to AfriPaw in South Africa and way beyond. These organisations are working hard to end the suffering of cats and dogs around the world. And thankfully, the impact they’re having is huge.

The start

Back in 2020, we started working together with Mayhew and HSI. Their projects were quite different from the one we supported in Sri Lanka. Instead of donating funds to construction works (building a new kitchen, dog kennels, an ICU etc) – we focused on TNVR projects for the first time. Amplifying our impact and directly improving the lives of cats and dogs today and tomorrow.

Overpopulation as trigger for low welfare

Overpopulation is a true enemy when it comes to animal welfare. Wherever there are plenty of cats and dogs roaming freely, there is competition for food and territory. Many cats and dogs are wounded or receive bitemarks and because they aren’t vaccinated, many catch diseases. They’re also not neutered, so reproductive rates are uncontrolled and many puppies and kittens are dumped in the streets. They often live short and miserable lives.

Sustainable, humane neutering programmes are vital for communities as they often don’t have the means to set up these themselves. Help from governments is lacking, and that is where organizations like Mayhew and HSI step in to help.

With our help, HSI and Mayhew Georgia were able to break the cycle of neglect and made sure cats and dogs in the targeted areas had access to (affordable), high-quality vaccinations and neutering. Over the past 2 years, we were able to help close to 18.000 cats and dogs directly; reducing the unwanted litters and slowing down the population of cats and dogs. After all, there are fewer homeless animals for communities to support, their welfare is a lot easier to manage and maintain and we can help control the spread of fatal diseases like rabies. By having a reduced population, cats and dogs can be cared for properly, like it should.

How we ensure a long-term impact

Although TNVR is a great first step, we wanted to ensure a long-term impact. And with the help of our donation, a total of 29 vets and 57 vet students were trained to provide safe, effective treatments, so cats and dogs do not have to suffer needlessly and will be safely neutered right from the start. This training is crucial for future impact; as the lack of local, proper vet capacity is part of the root causes for suffering. Increasing capacity means less relying on external organizations to help tackle the problem and gives ownership to the local communities where the vets are operating from. More well trained vets, means more animals helped.

It doesn’t stop there

Finally, we felt the need in Georgia to invest in bricks and mortar. A clinic or material does not directly help cats and dogs as you still need qualified hands to do so. However, without the right premises – getting results is extremely difficult and it does impact the quality and speed of operative and general medical care.

Today, Mayhew Georgia is operating out of a fully equipped static Clinic in the greater Tbilisi area; where they can provide a safe and clean environment for aspiring vets to learn and for cats and dogs to be treated.

We’re incredibly proud to have been part of this two year journey, directly impacting the lives of close to 18.000 cats and dogs. Given the massive amount of new, aspiring vets and the new clinic in Georgia – we really look forward to see what the future holds.

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