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6 tips to become a sustainable pet owner

Janna Zasada (Content creator)

So many of us want to live more sustainably, but what about our furry four-legged friends and their pawprint on our planet? We’re always looking for more ways to do right by nature, so we thought we’d share a few top tips to help your pet become a sustainability superhero!

Seek out sustainable toys or go pet thrift shopping

Forget fancy electronic gadgets for dogs and cats - keep it old-school! Classic toys, like balls or floss, are reliably fun and reduce your power consumption. Whileyou’re at it, look for toys made from natural materials - like hemp, bamboo, rubber - or from recycled plastic. Even better: instead of buying new stuff, go looking in thrift stores and on second-hand websites. You’ll find plenty of wonderful pre-loved pet accessories and toys!

Make your own toys

Dogs and cats can have fun with the smallest things. Got an old T-shirt or jumper lying around? Pawfect! Cut the cuff off to use as the base and then cut one long strip from the rest of the garment. Now comes the fun bit: simply plait the long length of material round the cuff so it forms a simple ring ragger for your pooch.

Dear cat owners, it’s even simpler for you. Take a look around the attic or thrift shop for an old stuffed cuddly animal. Remove the plastic eyes (or any other dangerous materials) and see if your cat enjoys their new plaything! Purrr-aay!

Pick food and treats that come in planet-friendly packaging

Did you know all our packaging is planet-friendly? All our kibble & dental bags and treats packaging are made with easily recyclable materials. You can simply put them in the paper recycling when empty! And as for our tins and cups, they’re made from the world’s most recycled material - metal. Empty? Give them a rinse and pop them in your recycling box or bag. They’ll be turned into new tins and cups within just 60 days.

By choosing planet-friendly packaging for our tasty food and treats, we’ve saved over 4.3 million plastic bags – now that’s something that everyone can feel good about. But there’s more: our new Zero Pawprint Plan commits to fully sustainable packaging by 2025.

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Shop green

When shopping for your pet, choose ecological products. For example, wash your dog with a biodegradable soap or detergent. These products are better for their skin and harmless to the environment. (Cat owners, good luck!).

Here’s another culprit: cat litter. Most cat litters contain chemicals that are bad for the environment and actually quite toxic to your cat. The good news is, there are plenty of sustainable alternatives, such as organic gravel, bamboo, pine or corn kernels. For our doggy friends, make the switch to compostable poop bags. Just make sure you’re disposing of everything in the right bin.

Become a pooch-powered food waste fanatic

Dogs can help you decrease your food waste, just be sure to only give them healthy snacks! Vegetables ends, like carrot tops, are a great option for your pooch. Or you could use store cupboard leftovers to make your own pet treats. Have you tried our apple-mint cookies for dogs?

Embrace the cycling culture

Who else - besides Queen - really wants to ride their bicycle? A great fun, cheap and adventurous alternative to car rides: take your pet on the bike! Use a bicycle trailer or bicycle basket - it’s suitable for all small animals, including cats! If you (or your best furry friend) aren’t the biggest fans of cycling, you can always just take a nice walk! 

Discover our contribution to a greener planet
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Discover our contribution to a greener planet
Learn more

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