Creating a world where all dogs and cats feel good.

Today, around the world, too many dogs and cats live difficult, lonely and unnecessarily short lives.

Through the Edgard & Cooper Foundation we pledge 1% of our sales to help stop that happening.

Recent projects

Our charity mission and strategy are based on the 5 Freedoms.

The 5 Freedoms are an internationally recognised set of standards that ensure we meet the mental and physical needs of the dogs and cats in our care.

The more we grow, the more we give back.

We've always given 10% of our profits to charity. We changed our commitment to 1% of our sales to guarantee a regular, more generous donation. So far, our business has pledged €888 268.

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We commit to the Edgard & Cooper Foundation

The Foundation is an independent charity we founded to help us fulfil our mission. The Foundation's goals are designed to immediately start helping dogs and cats in need, while also tackling the root causes behind their suffering.

So far we have pledged
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