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Finally, a stick to smile about

Janna Zasada (Content creator)

Having a fresh, clean mouth feels great. But what about our dogs? Lots of dogs run at the sight of a toothbrush, and some dental sticks are just a ten-second treat. Just wait and see what this stick has to offer...

* Content written in collaboration with pet nutritionist Mikki Koot.

1. Safe and fun - no action required!

What if you could choose between the weekly battle of brushing your dog's teeth or giving your dog a healthy dental stick they can enjoy independently ? It's a no-brainer: you don't have to do anything, your four-legged friend can enjoy something tasty and they get a wonderful smile in return!

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2. Extra long chew time

Plaque can be stubborn. Therefore a dental stick with long chew time can be more effective than one your dog finishes in 10 seconds. Chewing helps to produce saliva, which activates antimicrobial substances* in the mouth that mop up harmful bacteria. On top of this, the chewing movement of the mouth rubs the stick over the teeth, cleaning the surface of the teeth.

Our sticks are air-dried, which means it takes your dog longer to chew them. The longer your dog chews, the more saliva is produced to kill harmful bacteria. *Substances that kill bacteria & germs.

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3. Mint and eucalyptus oil helps freshen breath

Dogs aren’t famous for their fresh breath. We use the natural power of mint and eucalyptus oil to keep bad smells at bay.

4. Calcium helps maintain healthy teeth

Strong teeth are healthy teeth, so we add calcium to our dental sticks to keep your dog’s pearly whites full of fight.

5. Low in calories

Our sticks are made from healthy plant-based ingredients that are naturally low-calorie (60 kcals per stick). That’s why your dog can have one a day.

Guide: How to use our dental sticks
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In short: why use our dental sticks?

Using a delicious dental stick full of natural ingredients, you’ll start their day right. A simple, daily habit for clean teeth & a happy dog!

Join other doggies in our Doggy Dental challenge - healthy mouth in 4 weeks. Download the calendar right here 🦷👉

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