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The truth about dog food

Bo Vanbeselaere (Veterinarian)

The world of dog food is full of rumours. But here’s a simple truth for you: dogs need balanced nutrition to stay healthy. These facts will help you to take a close look at the diet of your dog.

Dogs require more than just meat for a healthy, balanced diet

Yes, the modern dog descended from the wolf. But he’s also evolved in a different direction, particularly when it comes to diet. That means, when a dog only eats meat, he doesn’t get all the nutrients he needs.

The six essential nutrients for dogs are proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. When dogs get the right balance of these nutrients, it helps keep them fit, healthy and happy! The nutrients are involved in all basic functions of a dog’s body and provide many benefits that meat cannot offer. For example, it is important that a dog receives fiber to keep his bowels in good working order.

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Proteins are the most important building blocks for a dog’s health

Dogs simply cannot live without protein.

Qualitative proteins are very easy to digest, and have a high biological value. What does that mean exactly? Of the 22 types of amino acids a dog needs to live a healthy life, 10 come directly from food. A high biological value means that the protein contains these 10 essential amino acids.

As with humans, proteins build bone structure and muscle tissue are essential for a strong immune system.

Important fact: proteins from fresh meat are of very high quality. And yes, you can find them in our recipes!

A high protein value doesn’t mean healthier

Proteins may be the most important building blocks for a dog, but only if they are of high quality. For many people, protein value is a deciding factor when buying dog food. But what really matters is the quality of the proteins. For example, two kibble bags can have the same protein value, but the quality of one bag is much higher than the other.

Obviously, most manufacturers prefer not to release this information. We’re happy and proud to say we use lots of fresh meat in our food, which contains only high-quality proteins. Your dog will better absorb and digest proteins from fresh meat, than proteins from other animal products.

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Fats are healthy for your dog

As well as essential amino acids, your dog will thrive by eating plenty of essential fatty acids - such as Omega 3 (which comes from fish) and Omega 6 (which comes from chicken and duck). Here are a few ways fats will keep your dog fighting fit:

  • Fats are a great source of energy

  • Fats protect internal organs by acting as padding

  • Fats help your dog absorb vitamins

  • Fats help your dog limit heat loss

  • Fats combat allergy symptoms such as eczema

  • Fats contribute to a shiny and healthy coat

Kibbles cooked at a low temperature have a higher nutritional value

We carefully cut out our kibble shapes before slowly baking them. This keeps the goodness in and makes them even tastier for our four-legged friends!

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