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A puppy’s feeding schedule: when and how often to feed your puppy

Mikki Koot (Pet nutritionist )

Dogs are creatures of habit, and when better to start a healthy habit than when you’re young! A daily feeding routine creates reassuring structure in a dog’s day - but what should it look like? Of course, there’s no single answer: all dogs (and their owners) are different. Nonetheless, I have some advice to help you find the perfect schedule...


Just like kids, puppies have big appetites - all that running around and growing up takes lots of energy! Therefore I recommend feeding your young puppy 3 times a day. Once your pup is a bit older, + 6 months, you can transition to two meals a day.

As with all feeding schedules, it’s important to establish a routine, so try to stick to the same times every day. This will help your puppy maintain a stable metabolism and healthy digestion. It’s also important not to delay the last meal of the day until too late in the evening. You want to give your puppy plenty of time to digest their food and poop before going to bed.

Make sure you’re feeding your pup nutritionally appropriate food.

Stick with recipes that have been specially developed for growing puppies. Both our puppy recipes are full of high-quality protein that help build muscles and strengthen the immune system.

Not sure which one to pick? I recommend our Brilliant Atlantic Salmon & Free-Run Turkey for small/medium breeds and our Fabulous Free-Run Duck & Chicken for large & giant breeds. The calcium-phosphorus ratio in our Duck & Chicken recipe is perfectly in line with what larger breeds need & that's important! But no worries if your large dog prefers Salmon & Turkey, this is nutritionally also completely fine!

Don’t forget to always provide your puppy with fresh drinking water along with their food.

The benefits of a daily feeding schedule

Beyond the simple pleasure of chowing down some tasty food, mealtimes are cornerstone events in any dog’s day. Think of them like a template around which other activities fit. Whatever else is happening, dogs are generally pretty content if their feeding routine remains reliable.

A routine feeding schedule can help to establish a healthy lifestyle, increasing the likelihood of other healthy habits - like regular poops. This makes it easy for you to choose the best time for your daily walks. Routine feeding also makes it easier to spot a loss of appetite, which is often the first sign that you pet is not feeling very well.

Feed your puppy nutritious & tasty food for easy routine feeding.
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Feed your puppy nutritious & tasty food for easy routine feeding.
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