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3 reasons to buy organic pet food

Bo Vanbeselaere (Veterinarian)

Our organic pet food is made with tasty organic ingredients, produced on organic farms and processed by organically-certified enterprises. In this post, we’ll explain a bit more about what ‘organic’ means, and offer three good reasons to buy it for your pet.

What is organic farming?

To call itself organic, a farm must meet extremely high environmental, social and economic standards, while guaranteeing the best possible care of animal welfare. All the organic ingredients in our food are produced in an environmentally-friendly way with a strong focus on animal welfare and the quality of farmland where the crops are grown. Organic farms are sustainable - they’re the best way to ensure farming pays close attention to nature.

How do these organic farms actually work? On organic farms, animals can roam much more freely than on most big firms, where animals are often kept in small areas. Organic farmers only give organic food to their livestock - which means their feed comes from full, fertile soil, with absolutely no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Similarly, you’ll never find genetically-modified crops on an organic farm.

1. Organic food is animal friendly

Organic farmers take very good care of their animals. All of them receive nutritious, organic feed and have the time to grow up in spacious and sunlit areas. Animals on organic farms can go outside, which means pigs can roll in the mud and chickens can peck for worms in the grass. Organic farmers also take preventive measures to make sure their animals don’t get sick. Because of this approach, animals need fewer antibiotics and other medicines, which helps ensure meat that’s free of harmful substances. Organic meat is fully natural, nutrient-rich (it contains more vitamins and minerals) and is easy to digest.

2. Organic food is good for nature

Besides being animal friendly, organic farming is also good for nature. So it’s the perfect fit for all then nature-lovers out there. Thanks to the absence of artificial fertilisers and synthetic pesticides, organic farmlands naturally attract more bees, birds, plants and butterflies. Organic farmers also to plant trees and hedges around their fields, and to install or maintain water sources (such as ponds) to attract useful insects and other wildlife. A conventional farm can use hundreds of different pesticides. On an organic farm, only a dozen, carefully-selected, completely natural pesticides may be used. This also means there’s no chance the farm’s agricultural approach will pollute waterways or the local environment.

3. Organic food is nutritious and delicious

Our organic range of wet and dry cat and dog food is completely free of any chemicals, such as synthetic additives, pesticides or fertilisers. As with all our recipes, we pack our food full of delicious ingredients - starting with lots of fresh meat. On top of this, we also decided to make all our organic recipes gluten-free - so they’re even more perfect for sensitive tummies.

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Give your dog a treat with our Marvellous Beef & Free-Range Chicken or Free-Range Turkey & Chicken recipes. These are stuffed with tasty natural veggies, fruits and delicious fresh meat. The meat is sourced from organic farms where both cattle and poultry can roam freely. We also have plenty of yummy, organic food for cats. Treat your furry friend to a meal of Appetising Veal & BeefSplendid Chicken or Glorious Fish & Chicken. All our cat cups are made using meat and nutritious offal from animals that are ethically raised, without any antibiotics or other medicines.

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A quick note on the ‘Organic’ label

Organic food always gets an official label, which ensures a high level of environmental, social and economic performance. If you spot an organic label on some food, it means that at least 95% of the product’s ingredients must be certified organic. Across the EU, all stages of organic production must be approved by an organic certification body, which implement strict checks to ensure that all organic regulations are met. Organic pet food can be traced from farm to fork to meet these organic standards.

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