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Crunchy Beetroot & Pumpkin

€9.99 – €57.99

  • Complete & balanced
  • Tastiest fresh veg
  • 43% less CO2e

Main ingredients of a recipe combined into one image.

Crunchy beetroot & pumpkin with peas, parsnip, apple & elderberries

This complete plant-based recipe delivers on deliciousness and gives your dog everything it needs, including a boost of vitamin B12. It’s full of perfectly balanced plant protein with all 10 essential amino acids coming from potato, rice and peas. This hypoallergenic recipe is also packed with fresh veg and a nutritious blend of fruit, herbs and pulses. All cooked gently to lock in goodness and flavour, keeping your pet smiling from ear to ear.


Ingredients and nutrition

Do veg your way

Simply combine with their favourite meaty recipes or go full veggie*. You can’t go wrong.

*If you are switching 100% to plant-based, we recommend a 4 day transition period.

Friendly to the planet

Compared to our meat-based recipes, our plant-based kibbles create 43% less carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions. Great for the planet, and great for your dog too!

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Joyful pet food

Eating is one of life’s simple joys, so why overcomplicate things? Unlike most pet foods, we treat nature’s ingredients with respect and make food that’s naturally healthy and full of flavour.

Play nice with nature

We’re on a mission to become the world’s most sustainable pet food. We love nature, so we pledge to make real, lasting change through our targets of zero carbon, fully sustainable packaging and ethically sourced ingredients.

Friends stick together

We donate 1% of our sales to the Edgard & Cooper Foundation, which works with charities that improve the lives of cats and dogs today, while protecting them tomorrow.

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