Packshots cups english wet food CAT 100g
  • Packshots cups english wet food CAT 100g
  • Packshots cups english wet food CAT 100g
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Organic Veal & Beef

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  • Organic ingredients
  • Lots of fresh meat
  • Grain-free recipe

Organic Veal & Beef with basil & nettle

Irresistibly tasty cat food made using lots of fresh, organic meat. We make this delicious, healthy recipe using lots of fresh, organic beef and veal – which means it smells and tastes amazing to our four-legged feline friends. As you’d expect, this recipe doesn’t have any meat meal in, or anything artificial, processed or dried (which also means it’s easier to digest). We slow cook our recipes to ensure they’re as full of flavour and goodness as possible. Our carefully sourced organic ingredients come from farms with higher welfare standards, which help animals thrive and grow. This grain-free recipe contains taurine, an essential nutrient for eye and heart health.

Packshots cups english wet food CAT 100g

Ingredients and nutrition

Who is it for?

This beef and veal recipe is perfect for cats with an appetite. Because cats are carnivores, we make sure to pack all our recipes with at least 60% meat (or fish). However, we also know (from personal experience) that cats can be picky eaters. That’s why we add lots of delicious extras, like herbs, berries and botanicals – it will tickle their taste buds while also boosting their mineral and vitamin intake. This recipe is suitable for neutered cats.

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Eating is one of life’s simple joys, so why overcomplicate things? Unlike most pet foods, we treat nature’s ingredients with respect and make food that’s naturally healthy and full of flavour.

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We’re on a mission to become the world’s most sustainable pet food. We love nature, so we pledge to make real, lasting change through our targets of zero carbon, fully sustainable packaging and ethically sourced ingredients.

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