Welcome to our Loyalty program

how it works


1. Complete challenges

Earn belly rubs for good behaviour. 😉


2. Level up!

Collect enough belly rubs to unlock the next level and earn a reward.


3. Choose your reward

Decide whether you give, receive or plant.

it's yourChoice

Not long until you get to choose your reward so here’s a little taster of what’s in store… What’s it going to be? Give, receive or plant?


Give a meal to a shelter dog

We support the Dog Care Clinic in Sri Lanka - an amazing organisation that gives thousands of stray dogs a second chance. There are about 3 million stray dogs in the country, so there’ll be plenty of tails a-wagging if you choose this reward!


A discount on your next purchase

Does your pet have a never-ending appetite for Edgard & Cooper food? We can’t really blame them for that! This reward gives you a discount code - valid on orders from £20.

Reward take

a tree for the planet

Trees are the BEST! Not only do they provide sticks for throwing and shade for napping under, they also offer a home to lots of different species all while sucking harmful carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. More trees = better for everyone.

Reward plant

Let's get you started