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Fresh food is good food. Because we pack our recipes with the best ingredients, they’re the perfect choice for every dog, every day.


The truth about good food

When your dog eats a healthy and balanced diet (that’s full of fresh ingredients), they don’t need ‘specialist’ recipes to look and feel amazing. That’s why we make sure every bowl of Edgard & Cooper is full of goodness making it the right choice for every dog


Fussy eaters LOVE fresh meat


Good food = good looks


Easy on the tummy

Our menu

dryFood - Dogs

Dry food

Crunchy, nutritious kibble that’s good for every dog.

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wetFood - Dogs

Wet food

Juicy, tasty wetfood that every dog adores.

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New treats 2024 - EN


Pocket-sized goodies to treat and reward your friend.

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