Real Food Real flavour

Cats come first in our world. So we only make pawlickingly tasty real food with the yummiest ingredients and no junk. Wait, are those mouthwatering mmmiaows we hear?

Loads of fresh cuts of meat and never any meat meal. It's nutritiously moreish.

Easy to digest grain-free recipes to support trouble free tums.

Made even tastier with the power of mother nature’s herbs and botanicals.

The full feline collection

It's all here. So temptingly tasty it's hard to believe our cat food is junk free.

Dry food

There's plenty of crunch in our kibble to keep cats coming back for more.

Wet food

From silky soft paté and juicy chunks in sauce to the fanciest fillets.

Join the real foodRevolution

Imagine a world where all cats are cherished

We donate 1% of our sales to the Edgard & Cooper Foundation to work with charities that improve the lives of cats and dogs today, in order to protect them tomorrow.

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