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Recipe: pumpkin treats for your dog

Janna Zasada (Content creator)

Ahh, how we love autumn at Edgard & Cooper! It is the season for quality time with your furry friend: exploring the infinitely coloured forests together or snuggling on the couch. Our pumpkin dog treats are the perfect, healthy snack to show your dog some extra love during these moments. Made with powerful ingredients, they are quick and super easy to make!


For 20-25 balls:

  • 100g mashed pumpkin

  • 60g peanut butter or nut paste

  • 3 tbsp oat bran

  • Handful of oats

  • 1 tin of Edgard & Cooper (300g)

  • Handful of Edgard & Cooper kibbles

Did you know that peanut butter is a source of protein and is packed with healthy fats and vitamins E & B6? However, always use it in moderation and choose the natural variety without adding extra salt or sugar.


1. Mix the mashed pumpkin, peanut butter (or nut paste) and the tin of wet food into a malleable dough.

2. Gradually add the oat bran. Mix briefly. Keep in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

3. Use your hands to make small balls about 3 cm in size.

4. Crunch the Edgard & Cooper kibble with a mortar. Roll the balls through the kibble or oats for a crunchy finish. You can keep the balls in a sealed jar for about 1 week.

Feeding guidelines

Keep these guidelines in mind when serving our delicious pumpkin balls: Toy dogs: 0.5 ball/day Small breed dogs: 1.2 balls/day Medium breed dogs: 2.6 balls/day Large breed dogs: 3.3 balls/day Giant breed dogs: 4.5 balls/day

Autumn has just gotten more fun now, right? Let us know via chat what your dog thinks of our homemade pumpkin balls!

Shop our tasty wet food & kibble to make these delicious pumpkin dog treats.
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Shop our tasty wet food & kibble to make these delicious pumpkin dog treats.
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