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7 tips to cat-proof your home

Sien Vanmoerkerke (Content creator)

Cats are extremely curious and see everything as an adventure. If you leave something lying around, there's a good chance your cat will give it a lick or a chew. It’s a bit like having a toddler in your home - there are so many things to take into account. So here’s our guide to covering all your bases.

1. Be careful with plants and flowers

Some plants and flowers are poisonous to cats. If your cat eats a plant that’s toxic to them it could cause lethargy, skin irritation, severe diarrhea or a reduced appetite. Lilies, azaleas, oleanders and many other plants or flowers can cause problems. Fortunately, plants and flowers taste rather bitter, so fussy eaters are less likely to take a bite. Kittens and curious cats on the other hand are to be watched. Not sure if you can put a certain plant in your house? Check our blog about safe plants for cats and dogs or contact your vet for more information. 

2. Remove dangerous objects

You'd probably rather your cat didn’t ‘accidentally’ push an expensive vase onto the floor while playing. To be fair, they don’t understand the concept of money. An easier option than explaining it to them would be to put fragile things away. The same counts for anything that a cat can put in their mouth - like hair bands, paperclips, elastic bands etc. You should also put dangerous objects such as medication, pesticides or cleaning products in a safe place that your cat can't access.

3. Provide cat furniture

Cats love to scratch things. They see it as a way to define their territory while also maintaining their razor sharp nails. You'd better provide scratching facilities yourself, before your cat takes care of your furniture. Scratching posts, towers or planks are ideal. This way, your cat can also stretch while they scratch - heaven!

4. Create different eating locations

Cats prefer to choose when and where to eat. That's why it's best to have enough eating locations. We apply the 'n+1' rule. If you have two cats, it's best to place a bowl at three different locations. This also helps difficult eaters. This way, a cat can decide for itself which place feels safe to eat or drink.

5. Provide different litter trays

The same 'n+1' rule that we apply to eating locations, should also be used for litter trays. Many cats prefer a separate litter tray for a number 2. It is best to keep the different litter trays at a reasonable distance from each other. It is also advisable not to place the litter trays near the feeding bowls. Our toilet is usually not in our kitchen…

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6. Place fly nets

Sun, sun and more sun, cats love it. They like to nest on window sills to enjoy the sun to the fullest. But if you live high up, you might want to consider installing a safety net in front of every window as a precaution. Cats don’t actually have nine lives! Be sure to check if the nets are firmly attached and have no rips. To play EXTRA safe, get some special cat screens.

7. Close as much as possible

In addition to your windows, there are a few other places in the house that you have to take into account. Cats like to sit in warm places. It is therefore best to close the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. And while we’re on kitchen appliances, the toilet is also a place some cats come to drink, so don’t forget to put the lid down.

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