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6 ways to connect with your cat

Simone Larsen (Content Creator)

If you’re cat crazy like us, you’ll want to know the purrfect way to show your kitty you care. Many people assume that cats are unfriendly, but they’re super sociable in the right circumstances. Let’s build an unbreakable bond with our feline friends!

1. Get to know them

Simply by observing what your cat does during the day, will help you get to know them better. What makes them happy? Is it toys, treats, or a specific spot where they like to curl up? It’s also important to find out the things they don’t like, so you can avoid putting them in situations that upset them or make them nervous. Maybe you could make a note of the things you discover and include the most pawsome stuff in their daily routine. They’ll love you for it!

2. Build up trust

Trust is important for any pet. To build up trust, make sure you’re doing all the things your cat loves and avoid the things that make them anxious. If they walk away when you’re petting them, leave them alone for a while. They need to know that they can choose to come to you, when they want to. If you force your affection on them, they’ll soon learn to avoid you and the trust will be gone. Try flashing them a smile… Research shows that by narrowing your eyes and blinking slowly you can smile at your cat in a way they’ll understand. This expression is known to make cats more receptive to humans.

3. Play time

Just like dogs, cats love to play. Because they’re prey-driven, they adore nothing more than the chase. So, staring, stalking, chasing, pouncing, grabbing, should be a big part of your fur baby’s day.

The toys you use will depend on their favourite style of play. Wand toys and catnip toys allow you to bring out all their natural instincts - but don’t worry, they won’t see you as their prey 😉.

Hide and seek is another simple game they’ll love. Tease your cat by looking around a corner and then disappearing again - they’ll soon learn that they need to hunt for you. Make sure you’ve got their favourite toy on-hand, so there’s something for them to get their paws on when they do find you!

4. Treat time

Who can resist a delicious treat? Sometimes bonding with your favourite furball can be as simple as offering their favourite foods! You can hand feed them tempting titbits, or maybe use food puzzles and treat toys to give them a little more stimulation.

Enrichment is as important for cats as it is for dogs, and it’ll build confidence too. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive; all you need are empty cardboard boxes or toilet rolls. Or why not stimulate your kitty simply by hiding treats for them to sniff out? Cats are natural-born hunters, so this will keep them active and engaged.

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5. Try some training

Yep, that’s right - training isn’t just for pooches! You can train your cat to sit, come to you when called, or even walk on a harness and leash. It’s all about repetition and using treats to reward them (although some kitties might prefer praise, petting or play). Find out what works best for your bestie when you get started. If your cat is food driven, then training before breakfast or dinner could be your best bet.

It's a fun way to spend quality time together and plenty of positive reinforcement is purrfect for building that bond.

6. Give them a stroke

While time out and independence are important to cats, they also love to snuggle up with you. Petting and stroking them is another form of grooming and most cats love the attention, when the time is right.

Many cats enjoy being petted with smaller strokes and tickles around the chin and ears, or light massages on their neck. Long strokes might not be the best approach, as it’s not the sort of grooming action cats would experience in the wild. And cats typically don’t like belly rubs because it’s their most vulnerable area. Be mindful of how you stroke your kitty and stop when they've had enough based on their body language.

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So, now you have 6 top tips for helping you connect with your gorgeous cat. It isn’t just dogs who adore their hoomans, so give your kitty as much love and attention as you can to build that bond and keep them happy and healthy.

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