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5 reasons to adopt a pet

Simone Larsen (Content Creator)

Thinking of adding an extra member to your family? Adopting a pet comes with commitment and a lot of responsibilities, but it will turn out to be the best decision you made. Before making your decision, here are just 5 reasons to adopt your new four-legged best friend.

1. You’re saving a life

By adopting a shelter pet, you’re not only saving one but two lives! You’re probably thinking what other pet? The one other pet that will take your new four-legged friend’s place and get a second chance for a happy life and to love a family again. Animal shelters are often overcrowded and don’t have enough space to host an animal and give the comfort it needs. Adopting a pet therefore means you’re making a change by supporting a valuable charity and fighting overpopulation. Saving an animal’s life often turns out to save your own life too. Who rescued who? 

2. Unconditional love

The number one and obvious benefit of becoming a pet parent is the unconditional love and companionship for life. The lucky pet you’ve decided to give a forever home will always show gratitude towards you through lots of affection. Be prepared for endless cuddles and kisses! They won’t ever forget the feeling from when your eyes met theirs and you decided to give them a chance to love a family again. Life will never be boring with your furry friend by your side. The best company every day!

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3. Improving your mental health

Most pet parents are clear about the real joys that come with sharing their lives with a furry friend but pets also come with some powerful health benefits. A happy dog or cat can boost your mood and improve and help your overall mental health, including depression, loneliness, stress and anxiety. Simply by stroking or holding your pet it can reduce blood pressure and stress levels. Not only can they benefit your mental health but also your physical health because they give you a chance to stay active every day. Lots of walks, playtime and the opportunity to meet other pet parents! Happy pet, happy life 🥰

4. Beneficial for your children

Having a pet is a gift for everyone, especially children! Growing up with a pet can help develop children’s mental and physical health. It can teach them valuable life lessons like responsibility, trust, compassion, respect and patience. Simple tasks that involve taking care of the pet, such as walking the dog or feeding the cat will help them develop empathy for others. The positive impact goes both ways - both children and pets enjoy high energy activities as well as nap time. Most importantly, it’s fun! Lots of playtime which will encourage a healthy lifestyle for your children.

5. You encourage others to adopt pets from shelters

If you have a BFF (best furry friend) to call your own and to love, you already know the awesome reasons mentioned above. One very important reason for adopting a pet, is that you’re encouraging others to adopt as well! When your friends ask you where you got your new BFF, you can tell them all about the process and they will see how happy you are with your new family member. Hopefully, they will decide to do the same when it’s the right time for them to expand their family.

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