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5 fun indoor games for dogs

Sien Vanmoerkerke (Content creator)

It’s not always possible for your dog to burn off their energy outside. Perhaps the weather is bad, or you (or your dog) aren’t well enough to go out. And before you know it: boredom strikes. Fortunately, we have the ideal solution: five great indoor games for you and your dog.

Hide’n treat

One of our personal favourite games is ‘hide’n treat’ because it stimulates both physical and mental health. Start by hiding some treats while your dog is watching to make the concept clear. Then, when your dog has found them all, take it to the next level: hiding treats without your dog seeing them. Our treats have a deliciously strong smell, so we’re sure your dog will need no help finding everything you’ve hidden. In fact, your dog might even need more of a challenge? The secret is to get creative and don’t always go for the obvious places. For example, what about hiding a treat in a flower pot or inside your dozens of empty toilet rolls?

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Tug of war

Every dog loves a good tug of war challenge. For active dogs in particular, this is a great way to release some energy. We suggest using a toy that is neither too hard or has sharp edges. A teddy, a rope or even a towel are just perfect. If you’re playing tug of war with a puppy, be careful not to pull too hard - your little friend still has baby teeth and a sensitive jaw.

Brain games

Brain games are great because they keep your dog busy and challenge their brain at the same time. There are loads of games to choose from - you can either buy one in the shops, or just make one yourself. For example, what about a few rounds of the shell game? All you need is three cups and some treats. Put one treat under one of the cups, while your dog watches. Then, mix up the cups and let your dog guess under which cup the treat is hidden. Simple as that!

Obstacle course

Obstacle courses are so easy to make and so much fun for your dog! Gather some objects your dog can jump over, like a shoe box or two laundry baskets with a stick in between. Now add a few things to run under or through, like a chair or a hula hoop. Don’t forget to reward your dog with some delicious treats after he finishes an obstacle!

Teaching new tricks

Being stuck inside is the perfect moment to teach your dog a new trick. Dogs are very intelligent and enjoy learning new things. A trick we love is ‘rolling over’. Get your dog to lie down first. Hold a treat in your hand near your dog’s nose. Then move your hand slowly from their nose, to shoulders, to chest to get your dog on the back. Finally you rotate the treat further around your dog’s head and they’ll roll right over! Want to learn more tricks? There are lots of handy training apps like Dogo that can help you out!

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Hopefully you now have enough inspiration to spend the day indoors with your dog. We're sure your four-legged friend will be grateful to you for keeping him busy.

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