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5 fun autumn activities to do with your dog

Simone Larsen (Content Creator)

It’s the season of turning leaves, cooling temperatures and darkening nights. And that means a whole bunch of new activities you can do with your best furry friend!

1. Cosy autumn walk in the forest

Nothing beats a cosy autumn walk in the forest where your dog can play in a pile of withered leaves. Not only is it the season for admiring our beautiful nature with the leaves changing colours but the season with new smells which will get your dog excited! A walk in the forest or a park also gives them plenty of opportunity to run around and play - and meet other dogs too!

2. Trick-or-treating

For some, Autumn is a time to celebrate Halloween. It’s a great occasion to dress up your pup - as long as they feel comfortable - and go door-to-door with the kids for some trick-or-treating. Don’t celebrate halloween? Your dog won’t have to miss out! Top up on tasty treats and reward your pooch when learning new tricks.

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3. Pumpkin picking!

This time of year is perfect to borrow a tradition from the US and go to a pumpkin patch. Nothing says autumn like a trip to a pumpkin patch! Many pumpkin patches are located on real, working farms so before you and your dog get ready to sniff out the best pumpkin, make sure to check if your local pumpkin patches are dog-friendly. A little tip from us: Bring your camera or phone, so you can get lots of adorable and autumnal photos of your dog.

4. Take your dog on a sniffari!

As mentioned before, it’s the season for new smells! Plan your own dog sniffari in your own garden, neighborhood, forest or park. Rather than taking a walk with a destination in mind, give your dog the chance to explore all the scents! Allow them to stop and investigate the falling leaves, the bushes or the scent of a rabbit who has crossed the path. Your dog will love you for planning a sniffari.

5. Go apple picking + invite a furrriend!

Apples are in season, so it’s the perfect time to go apple picking with your dog. It’s a great way to get outside and enjoy the cool, crisp autumn air. Fortunately, most apple orchards are dog-friendly but same for pumpkin patches - make sure you check with your local apple orchards before going. Why not bring another furrriend along? A perfect BFF (Best Furry Friend) activity with lots of playtime and fun together.

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