Is the future in our paws?

It's pretty obvious global warming isn’t a magical fairy tale. And we are determined to make a real difference — because our planet depends on us (and our paws).

Tell us more, what’s a carbon score?

You might have been puzzling over the numbers on our plant-based packs and wondering what they mean. They are known as carbon scores.

These numbers show how many greenhouse gases are released when making our delicious kibbles, from the animals we farm, to the cooking process, right down to delivery at your door. By doing this, we are giving you the power to choose pet food that has less of an impact on the planet.


Calculating our climate impact

To calculate our carbon scores we decided to get together with planet-friendly experts, Climate Partner, to measure the carbon footprint of each one of our recipes.

It was when we learned that most of our carbon footprint came from our ingredients (the exact number was 84%, yikes!) we knew we had to do something quickly.

Cool pets deserve a cool planet

Finding out our carbon scores has inspired us to go even further. Our mission is to reduce the impact of our ingredients on the planet so our pets still have a cool place to live, and first on our list was creating a plant-based recipe.


Planet-saving stars

If every pet around the world made the switch to plant-based, it could make a huge difference.

In fact, going plant-based just half of the time, during your dog's lifetime, could save enough CO2e that is equal to 124 washes at 60 degrees, per year.


Planet-saving stars

It's easy to find out the score of your pet's favourite plant-based recipes by checking on our packs.

But calculating these carbon scores is only the first step in our quest.

We plan to keep sniffing out more sustainable solutions and to make even more food that you, your pet and the planet feel good about.