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Goodness from up north

Goodness from up north

Try our new fish recipes, bursting with omega 3 to give your furry king the shiny coat he deserves this winter.

Feeding your dog fish?A smart move, it is.

Healthy heart

Your dog’s heart has got a lot to endure, but fish is super healthy for your pet’s ticker, that’s for sure.

Omega 3

But there’s a lot more fish has got to offer: lots and lots of omega 3 working undercover, to give your pet a healthy fur and skin. Fish, it has so much goodness within.

Fish protein

A dog with a sensitive tummy? Fish protein is easy to digest, yummy! Eating without a care, it only seems fair.

Natural antioxidants

Fish is full of natural antioxidants having a blast, making those harmful free radicals a thing of the past.

Introducing our fish:



Blub, I’m a fish. Don’t let my grey skin fool you, underneath I’m beautifully pink. I’m bursting with omega-3, vitamin D and selenium. That means I’m super healthy for your dog’s muscles.



I’m an oily fish. Sounds unhealthy? Don’t worry, there are fats that are good for your dog’s health and I’m bursting with this good stuff. Thanks to me, your dog will never feel like a fish out of water.



Hello there, I am a cod. I may be a low-fat fish, I contain oceans of minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin D. I am also bursting with proteins. Nothing but good, you sea!

Meet our new family members

Meet our new family members

Salmon & trout tin

Our tasty Salmon & Trout with Apple & Spinach tin is the perfect recipe for our furry friends this Winter. It's packed full of natural Omega 3's to give your dog a thick, shiny coat to prepare him for the colder weather.

Salmon & trout cup

A natural, nutritious and no-nonsense meal made directly from deboned salmon and deboned trout with no fillers. This means it is highly nutritious and easily digestible.

Organic fish

A delicious and wholesome meal made produced from 100% controlled organic farming directly from deboned salmon, trout & cod with no fillers, so it’s packed with the very best protein.

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