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5 reasons English Cockers are amazing

Sien Vanmoerkerke (Content creator)

Do you own an English cocker? Then you’ll know they’re fantastic dogs. A tail that’s wagging 24 hours a day, a coat that serves perfectly as a pillow and a reliable friend who doesn't bark at other dogs. What more could you want? These five reasons show once again that English Cockers are incredible dogs.

A ray of sunshine

Cockers get the nickname "merry cocker" because they’re so cheerful and exuberant. Their tail wags with joy all day long. Unless they are hungry of course, and then only a bowlful of Edgard & Cooper will do. Cockers are very social towards people and other dogs, which means less barking from them and more sleep for you!

Best buds

English cockers love to stay close to their boss all day long, which means you’ll have a lifelong loyal companion. On top of that, cockers are hard working dogs who like pleasing their owner. So we suggest you just leave the dishes standing there in the future. :)

Hello furrfection

If there's one dog breed that has a glowing coat, it's the English cocker. The short to medium-length hair feels so silky and has the kind of natural waves we can all be jealous of. As an owner it takes some effort to maintain a cocker’s coat on a daily basis. But if it means you can cuddle with your cocker for the next 24 hours, isn't it worth it?

Lap dogs? Yes please!

Even though a cocker isn’t the smallest dog breed, they’re certainly not too big to sit on your lap. I-DE-AL. A male is on average 16 inches long and a bitch 15.2 inches. The standard weight is mostly between 26.5 and 33 pounds. Following plenty of rigorous testing, we can confidently say an adult lap can handle this specific bundle of loveliness.

Heavenly ears

The most striking thing about the English cocker is - without a doubt - their beautiful ears. Since the long hairs move along the ears, it gives a very nice effect. The ears start at the level of the eyes and run until the muzzle. So you can easily cover the eyes of your four-legged friend when watching a thriller - handy!

Finally, cockers are also true gourmets. An extra reason why we’re such big fans. These dogs know what’s good for them: lots of fresh meat and delicious fruit and vegetables. Spoil your Cocker with our range of dry food, wet food or treats. We're sure you'll receive even more love in return!

Spoil your Cocker with our tasty range of dry food, wet food or treats.
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